Get Started

Not sure if dancing is for you....Start with a group lesson, or stop in for one of our Social Nights and get a 30 minute Complimentary lesson before the night starts.

Group Lessons

Our highly qualified teachers will be conducting various group lessons for all levels of dancers – beginner, intermediate, and advance. For the International and American style dances, the syllabus will be taught consisting of bronze, silver, and gold. This is the most cost-effective way to learn new dances. Please check our calendar for the on-going schedule. A partner is not necessary.

Private Lessons

To improve your technique and style, private lessons are the best way to learn. This one-on-one with the teacher has proven effective because they are dancing with you and only you. Mistakes are corrected immediately.  Studio One RI is proud of the roster of our highly qualified teachers.

Complimentary Lessons Before Social Party

For attendees of our Social Night, we will be offering a complimentary lesson 30 minutes before the event.  The dances will vary for each social night. What better way to warm up a little, meet some dance enthusiasts, plus learn and practice something new.

Lessons/Dance Workshops with Guest Coaches

Occasionally, we will be inviting prominent guest coaches who will be offering specialty workshops and lessons.  We are fortunate to have connections with some of the best ballroom dancers and teachers. This will be particularly helpful for the serious dancers.