Group Packages

Did you know? Learning dance is like learning a new language.
Taking group dance classes is a great way to increase your vocabulary.

Group classes are a core component of your dance education, they are ideal when learning steps and getting comfortable with the techniques of specific dance styles from Waltz to Swing and everything in between.
Group classes will help to provide a solid base and a stepping stone to social and or competitive dancing.

Beginner Group Dance classes are fun and affordable – Drop In Classes or Series 
Group dance classes are a cost-effective way to help you develop your lead/follow skills and build your repertoire of patterns. Learn to dance with different partners and with many couples on the floor, it will prepare for your success in any social dance environment.

New group Developmental Series Classes start that the beginning of  each month. This is an advance/silver level class  
Some Group dance classes are offered in a developmental series.  The lessons are progressive and an effective method to learn basic dance steps and rhythms, and are taught in a four week cycle. Each week you’ll review the previous week’s dance lesson and learn new material. During the series you will have the opportunity to work with our visiting master coach.

No partner required
Singles and couples welcome—students rotate so you never need a partner.
Couples: Rotating is recommended but not required. In our experience, couples that rotate learn quicker and enjoy their classes more.

Money-saving tips
Studio One RI has many dance class package to meet your needs and is your best value and the most popular choice among existing students.

Class Levels

Beginner ~
All skill levels are welcome.

Novice/ Intermediate ~
We recommend 20 beginner classes or 10 hours of private training in that dance prior to attending or a teachers recommendation.

Advanced ~
We recommend 45 Intermediate classes or 20 hours of private training in dance prior to attending.